Prepare all of your webfonts

FontPrep takes your TTF and OTF font files and generates all of the respective font-formats for the web: WOFF, EOT, and SVG. A note to foundries.

Drag & Drop Font Generation

Convert one, ten, one-hundred legally eligible webfonts. FontPrep is great when you're working on your latest icon font project. Simply drag your OTF or TTF files into FontPrep, and you're done. Now that’s more like it!

FontPrep Subsetter

FontPrep allows you to take a font with thousands of characters and create a font with 1, 10, 67, 100, or however many glyphs you need. With the subsetter, you can extract a certain character set like Latin or Cyryllic, or you can create your own custom range. Demo Video

Industry Standard CSS

Each converted web-font is automagically bundled with industry standard @font-face declarations so that you can easily plop ‘em into your working styles.

Font Preview and Manipulation

FontPrep fires up a server running on port 7500 where you can see what your fonts will look like in production - we call it the FontPrep Playground. Here, you can instantly preview each individual character, scale them, and test various color schemes. Demo Video

Created From a Need

Created from a personal itch to craft infinitely scalable webfonts quickly and easily. As long as icons are used on the web and as long as we're tickin', FontPrep will remain up-to-date, because hey, we use it everyday. View the Changelog.

Autohint Enabled

Auto-hinting is built right into FontPrep, ensuring that your webfonts will look stunning across all platforms and browsers.

Font Library, Archival, & Management

Fonts imported into FontPrep will, by default, be saved forever. This ensures you always have a timestamped version of each and every font you import over time. Deleting a font is as simple as a click of a button.

Why not?

Not too many things in life are free. This is.